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For Crying Out Loud
For Crying Out Loud
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"For Crying Out Loud" by CME Group Chairman Emeritus Leo Melamed History is filled with new ideas and inventions that were once so revolu-tionary that they were initially rejected by the establishment. Milton Friedman defined this as the "tyranny of the status quo." But the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, now CME Group Inc., consistently defied the status quo to become a poster child for change. From the introduction of trading in live animals in the 1960s to electronic trade supplanting of open outcry in the 1990s, the CME has consistently been on the cutting edge of innovation in defiance of the status quo. Author Leo Melamed is the father of modern futures markets and the person largely responsible for making the CME Group the success it is today. He is to futures what Thomas Edison was to the use of electricity. Now, in For Crying Out Loud, Melamed covers not only the revolutionary developments in futures markets since his previous book, but also the battles, personalities, and strategies that transformed the futures markets from the open outcry birth to the electronic future--where technological and global issues are interwoven with financial markets.