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The CME Group Risk Management Handbook
The CME Group Risk Management Handbook
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Where futures were once regarded as arcane trading vehicles largely utilized by speculators in search of outsized profits, they are now widely regarded and accepted by institutional and retail traders alike as a legitimate and, more so, essential component of many investment and risk management programs. Futures now cover products as diverse as interest rate, equity, foreign exchange, and commodity markets and have been extended to include somewhat more esoteric items including real estate values, economic indicators, and even weather conditions. These instruments have focused attention and interest on Chicago as the epicenter of futures market developments and innovation, and the CME Group stands out as a leader in this regard. The CME Group Risk Management Handbook provides an overview of the futures market in today's electronic trading world and outlines the various CME Group products, explaining how they can be used to manage risk for both professionals and individuals. Principle authors John Labuszewski, John Nyhoff, Richard Co, and Paul Peterson are some of the most highly regarded names in futures and options research and risk management. They offer you a primer and reference to the most significant of CME Group products and the applications for which they may be deployed. The book begins with a basic explanation of futures markets, defining futures contracts, methodologies of order entry and execution, and the role of the clearing house. The authors then explain the intricacies of each of the various futures products, including currency futures, stock index futures, Eurodollar futures, and U.S. Treasury futures. In addition, they describe the major commodity markets and some alternative investment market fundamentals. This reliable resource also offers a review of technical analysis, covering Elliott Wave Theory, pattern recognition, empirical analysis, and other essential information. It concludes with a look at options markets, outlining a range of options trading strategies, including hedging with options. The development of futures markets has rapidly accelerated in the past few decades. The CME Group Risk Management Handbook will provide professionals around the world with an up-to-date, comprehensive reference to today's most popular and widely used risk management products and trading and hedging strategies.